Sunday School

We work hard at providing age-appropriate and fun ways to learn about all the ways that God loves us and how we should respond as children of God.

Current Program Offerings:

  • Children from birth up to 3 years old play in the Nursery area and can be dropped off prior to or during the 10 am service.
  • Preschool (3 and 4 year olds and children not yet entering Kindergarten) are downstairs in Room 2 and can also be dropped off prior to the 10am service, or a parent can bring them down after the Mouse Report if they prefer.  (The Mouse Report is a portion of the worship service where children come to the front of the sanctuary for a message from one of our pastors.)
  • K-5th Grades begin the service in the Sanctuary and then meet their Shepherd in the Lobby who will escort them to their rooms after the Mouse Report. Room locations are in the bulletin each week and also on the bulletin board in the Lobby. Parents will need to pick up their children after service.
  • 6th and 7th Graders begin in the sanctuary at 10am, then go upstairs to Room 204 after the Mouse Report.
  • 8th Graders begin in the sanctuary at 10am, then go upstairs to Room 200 after the Mouse Report.
  • 9th - 12th Graders are welcome to stay in service or are free attend Senior High Sunday School at 10am, in the Youth Fellowship Room upstairs.


** Please note that Grades 6-12 participate in the full worship service on the first Sunday of each month. 7th Grade Confirmation Class may have a modified schedule due to field trips.