Take Jesus with You is an idea for this summer at First Presbyterian Church.  We hope that it helps to keep our church family connected.  We encourage you to take Jesus with you to the beach, out to dinner, when hanging with grandchildren or making new friends on Keuka Lake or the Adirondacks. 

  1. Create your own Jesus!  You can print out the double template (heavier paper or card stock work best, but you can use whatever you like). 

    Bruce says that if you have access to a laminating machine it would be good to laminate Jesus.  This way, if he attempts to walk on water or spills a lot of root beer, he’ll be protected.
  2. Be creative!  Decorate Jesus!  What might his robe say?  What color is his hair? Any accessories?  You can make more than one.
  3. Place a reminder on the back of your Jesus on how and where to upload pictures to takejesuswithyou@pittsfordpres.org , Facebook or Twitter (see below for important posting tips)
  4. Take a picture with Jesus.  You can have someone else take your picture with Jesus.  Maybe he will go to the beach with you or Europe or sailing?  He can pack easily.  Maybe he will have dinner with you on Park Avenue.
  5. Then post or email your pictures. (see below for important posting tips) We’ll post pictures on our wall and you can check and see all the places Jesus has been.
  6. Take lots of pictures with Jesus.
  7. We think that Jesus would like to go to worship some Sunday when you are on Cape Cod or visiting Washington, DC.  It is certainly OK to talk to  friends about Jesus when taking his picture at the Zoo or some monument.

We’ll have Jesus at the church for you to take with you, too.  You can find him on the welcome table or in Fellowship Hall. But while on the go you can download a Jesus picture below.

Take Jesus With You Blank Printable (to draw and color)
Take Jesus With You Printable (to color)

How to post on Facebook:

The best way of sharing your pictures of the church on Facebook is to share them as you would any other picture but make sure the privacy of the post is set to “public.”  Also optionally, in the post start typing “@First Pres” and you should see our church listed. This makes it possible for the church to then share the picture on the church page.  (Click on the images below) Friend us at: https://www.facebook.com/pittsfordpres/

How to post to Twitter

If you share your pictures on Twitter remember to tag our church account by adding @pittsfordpres to your tweet.