Pastoral Transition Team

Transition Team Purpose Statement

A Transition Team was formed at the request of and approved by Session. Members are Anne Francis, Jen Lake, Matt Lake, Heze Simmons, Janette Henderson (co-chair), and Cindy Becker (co-chair). 

The purpose of this team is currently two-fold:

1)  To provide a forum for the congregation to grieve, celebrate, and adjust to the changes resulting from the resignation of the Rev. Dr. Carrie Mitchell.

2)  To enable the accomplishment of the following tasks:

•    Ensure the dissolution of the pastoral relationship with Carrie is handled expeditiously, being mindful of the grieving, celebration, and acceptance process for both the pastor and the congregation.

•    Ensure provisions are made for the continuation of all pastoral services.

•    Enter into a time of discernment, review, reflection, rediscovery, and visioning based on the 2018 Mission Study, Holy Cow survey, and other pertinent background information.

•    Evaluate and provide our findings and recommendations to the Session and the Senior Pastor.

The team will communicate progress on the above on a regular basis, however, please feel free to contact the co-chairs, other team members, and Jeffrey with questions and concerns. As well, prayers and support for the team, staff, congregation, and of course, the Mitchells are greatly appreciated.

Cindy Becker (co-chair), Janette Henderson (co-chair), Anne Francis, Jen Lake, Matt Lake, Heze Simmons, Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Weenink