In an effort to assist you in the personal, spiritual, and emotional development of your young person, we offer many opportunities for our youth to grow together and play together.  Here are a few of those opportunities.

7th Grade Sunday School

There's no such thing as too much sugar, right?

Our 7th graders meet together on Sunday mornings during the 10am worship service in Room 204 (after the Mouse Report.) With their teachers, 7th graders learn about the New Testament portion of the Bible. This includes looking at the birth, life, ministry, and death & resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our youth also learn more about the birth of the Christian church, as well as its growth through Paul's missionary journeys. 7th Grade Sunday School does not meet on the first Sunday of the month. Youth are to join their families in worship together. 

8th Grade Sunday School

Our 8th graders meet together on Sunday mornings during the 10am worship service in Room 200 (after the Mouse Report.) With their teachers, 8th graders spend time digging into their faith, figuring out what they believe and why. Our 8th graders look at such questions as: "Did God create the devil?", "Why do we say we believe in the holy catholic church if we're not Catholic?", and "Why did Jesus have to die?" 8th Grade Sunday School does not meet on the first Sunday of the month. Youth are to join their families in worship together. *8th Grade Sunday School is part of our Confirmation program. See details below.

No one is left out when we have fun!

Senior High Sunday School

Senior High Sunday School meets during the 10am worship service (except the 1st Sunday of the month, when we are all in worship.) Our senior highers gather together in the youth room to discuss some of the questions they have in regards to religion, their faith, the Bible, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Heaven & Hell, why we go to church, and more! Our teachers address these questions using a variety of methods, such as worship stations, discussion, music, movies, games, and the arts. Senior High Sunday school meets during the school year.


SO-SO is our youth group that meets twice a month on Sunday evenings from 7pm-8:30pm in the youth room (Room 202). We hang out, play games, eat dinner, and have discussions that pertains to the joys and struggles of our young people. Topics we have covered in the past are: "Connecting", "Stress", "Connecting deeper with God", and "Jesus is..." SO-SO is for those youth in 7th-12th grade that wish to attend, as well as their friends.

Another wonderful Youth Service!

Our confirmands love to trust each other!


In the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), those who are baptized and have made a profession of their faith in Jesus Christ are able to become members of the church. We have an opportunity for those in 8th grade to become members of the church by going through our Confirmation experience. In addition to attendance at 8th grade Sunday School, our confirmands meet monthly with a faith mentor and our associate pastor to talk about topics such as Church, Sacraments, Prayer, Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit, and Sin & Forgiveness. They also get to know the life of the church, participate in mission activities, and develop a faith statement. Our Confirmation program runs from mid-September until Pentecost Sunday, when our confirmands are celebrated and welcomed as members of the congregation.

Living LOGOS

Pumpkin seeds anyone?

Pumpkin seeds anyone?

Living LOGOS meets Wednesday evenings from 4pm-7pm from mid - September to mid - March and is a great opportunity for our youth to help out with the younger children in our congregation in our mid-week program. We also have a Bible study for our 7th-12th graders from 5:20pm-6:00pm, complete with a trip to Starbucks. Dinner is served family style at 6:15pm and costs $2. Stay for part of the evening or all of it!

Play Opportunities

Having just a little too much fun with the group!

While we try to have fun whether we are learning or serving, sometimes we just go and have fun for the sake of enjoying each other’s company. These events are great for inviting friends as well. There is typically at least one play opportunity each month and has a nominal fee attached to it. Some things we have done in the past are: laser tag, bowling, scavenger hunts, Capture the Flag, paintball, and lock-ins (all nighters).

A few of our youth making friends at JASY!

A few of our youth making friends at JASY!

Mission Opportunities

We had a great mission trip to DC!

We believe that God has called each one of us to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ. Our youth ministry does this by serving once a month at local mission areas: Cameron Community Ministries, Pittsford Food Cupboard,  the American Red Cross and ROC Salt are just a few local missions we work with throughout the year!

We also have a biennial mission trip to Jamaica, a yearly trip to DC, plus others that change each year! This summer we will be headed to Pittsburgh in July!

Got any ideas for something new or different? We'd love to hear them!