All shared documents and communications for the church family are stored in Google Drive (previously stored in Dropbox), including:

  • Meeting minutes
  • Policy documents
  • Sub-group and sub-committee shared documents

To access any of the folders or documents, you will need to sign in with a valid Google account. Access to this shared folder is generally read-only, with write permission provided only to the immediate church staff and board chairs. If you are already a church officer for the current year (Trustees, Elders, Deacons, etc.) then you have probably already been given access to this shared folder. To confirm that you have access, use the link below to access the folder directly or login in to Drive and select the "Shared with me" option in the sidebar.



For help managing or creating a Google account, please visit their help center.

Please contact us if you do not currently have access or would like assistance connecting to this shared folder.